As of November 12th, our in-person worship has been suspended until further notice. Once we resume in-person worship, please refer to these Guidelines:
~ A short Morning Prayer Service with a homily
~ Priest and Deacon in the chancel with one reader
~ No acolytes – No Crucifer
~ No organist/No music/No Singing
~ If you have a temp of 101.4 or higher, you will be asked to return home
~ Sanitize your hands upon entering the church. The 2nd Street door will remain locked.
~ You may be asked a series of health questions upon entering the church.
~ We will have an attendance registry for possible contact tracing.
~ All participants must wear a mask throughout the entire Service
~ The alms basin will be located in the middle of the church for your pledges/donations
~ Social Distancing – you must sit/stand at least 6 feet apart from other people (New York State Law)
~ When you arrive, go directly into the church and find a seat
~ No hospitality (coffee) time before or after the Service
~ All attendees are asked to leave immediately after the service